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Why Subtle Energy Healing?

Our bodies and our minds have a great capacity to heal themselves, once the optimum conditions have been put in place for this to happen. The medical profession is increasingly aware of this and has begun to advocate changes in diet, exercise, mindfulness teachings and yoga among other modalities. Yet sometimes we need the input of something outside ourselves and the one-to-one support of an experienced practitioner to give a momentum to the healing response we are trying to bring about.

This is where the approaches of subtle energy healing are so useful. Besides bringing you into a very deep level of relaxation, the areas showing depleted, excess or blocked energy can be found and transformed. Most of these stagnant areas are the result of stress, not just current stress but stress that has entered into and inhabited our body from babyhood upwards.
Why is stress so harmful?

A certain degree of stress is not harmful. What is called acute stress, which arises as the result of a mental or physical effort we need to make, is often necessary for us to perform at optimum level. But once the event is over, those stress levels abate. On the other hand, chronic stress, like the type which sets in alongside repeated trauma, physical or emotional, or from an incident which we are unable to process, affects us negatively. We stiffen, deny, hold ourselves in, freeze, tense (often unconsciously) and the free-flowing energy in our body gets stuck with increasingly negative effects on our body systems and their respective organs.

To add to this, we find that our lives are getting more busy than ever. Unremitting, daily stress is now being shown to weaken the immune system and, by affecting our digestive system and gut micro-biome, can contribute to obesity and diet-related problems. Stress can even have an influence in some forms of cancer and bring about premature death.

Subtle Energy Healing and Stress

When we apply a subtle energy approach, whether it be Reiki, Touch for Health, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Flower Remedies or Sound, we are intending to have an effect on the 'etheric' body, that finely vibrating 'template' out of which the physical body expresses itself. If the vibrations are out of tune, then there will be an expression of illness or dysfunction. Conventional medicine deals with the tangible, visible end results of dysfunction. However, very often the original cause is not dealt with and many medicines can have serious and unpleasant side-effects.

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