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Welcome to Tones of the Cosmos in Oxford

Healing with Sound and Past Life Regression Therapy

Tones of the Cosmos is a place where clients can come to deeply relax and heal with the help of the soothing tones of a wide variety of instruments. It is possible too to travel back into the past of this life or even into memories prior to birth to relieve physical symptoms, unconscious blocks and traumas and thus to rediscover freedom.

I am Avalon de Cosme and I am an experienced and fully qualified therapist and healer. My sound studio and healing room is situated in a private house in leafy Morrell Avenue, Oxford, right by South Park.

Sound therapy is a fast growing modality for the healing of many conditions especially those originating from stress. Chronic stress is considered to contribute to 80% of today's illnesses and yet it has become the normal state of being for most people. When we live in an anxious and vigilant condition (exacerbated by modern life with it's non-stop digital demands), our body and mind never have a chance to revitalize. We feel more and more wiped out and our immune system deteriorates.

However, learning to relax is not always easy. Our busy minds agitate away leading to frustration at ever being able to truly let go and find peace.

The beauty of sound therapy is that the effects of the tones and harmonics of the instruments bring the client into a profoundly relaxed and semi-hypnotic state or trance.This is the deep and refreshing place where self-healing begins.

The depth of relaxation which is induced and changes in brainwaves can also lead the client from gentle semi-hypnosis into an altered state. This is what makes sound healing the ideal setting for journeys of regression and into past life impressions, if that is the client's intention.

Gong Baths

I also offer the increasingly popular experience of a Gong Bath, where powerful gongs are played for more than an hour in a group setting. The experience is unforgettable and profoundly moving and can lead to OOBE's (out-of-body experiences). Although this can be for an individual or couple in my Oxford sound studio, I also offer Gong Baths at larger venues such as corporate settings, spas and yoga rooms.

" Sound will be the medicine of the future......." Edgar Cayce

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