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Sound Healing and Past Life Regression

Welcome to Avalon de Cosme at Tones of the Cosmos

Sound Healing and Past Life Regression

I have been deeply involved for many years in the field of therapy and healing and I have worked with many clients using a range of modalities. These have included Transpersonal Psychotherapy, EMDR, EFT, Reflexology and Reiki.

However, although I am able to include the above, I now specialise in Sound Healing and am moving into working with Past Life Regression too.

In the 1980's I opened my first healing clinic in Iffley, Oxford and practised at that time with Reflexology and with Energy Healing according to the ancient teachings of the Sufis. I later went on to train as a Reiki Master and qualify in Transpersonal Psychotherapy, EFT(tapping meridians therapy) and EMDR (an approach to healing trauma using eye-movement) amongst other healing modalities.

However, as a result of a personal experience, I have found the process of healing with sound, using a variety of instruments, to be very powerful and effective. Sound therapy is a fast growing modality for the healing of many conditions especially those originating from stress. Stress is considered to contribute to 80% of today's illnesses and yet it has become the normal state of being for most people. The tones and harmonics of sound therapy bring the client into a profoundly relaxed, semi-hypnotic state. This is the place where self-healing begins.

The depth of relaxation which is induced and changes in brainwaves can also lead the client into an altered state. This is what makes sound healing the ideal setting for journeys of regression and into past life.

What are the Subtle Realms?

There exists an invisible world within the visible. In the body, before changes are registered on the physical level, healing takes place in these subtle energetic realms.

Everything we see around us is energy. It is electromagnetic energy vibrating in a dance of different frequencies. Subtle energy has been given many different names such as chi, ki, prana, Tesla waves, the Higgs field, spirit, the Holy spirit, zero-point energy and life-force amongst many others. It is thought now that subtle energy is a very high frequency form of electromagnetic energy.

Another striking example of the effects subtle energy can have is seen in the images of patterns forming in water on being exposed to sound vibrations, intonations and even from silent thoughts and intentions. We humans are mostly water and therefore highly sensitive to subtle energy effects, whether from Reiki healing, PEMF therapy or Sound Therapy.

What is Sound Healing?

I am trained at a high level as a practitioner in Integral Sound Healing or Sound Therapy using a variety of instruments such as tuning forks, singing bowls, shamanic drums and gongs. As a powerful modality, Sound Healing is very effective on its own and can also be blended with other healing approaches.

An increasingly popular experience is that of Gong Baths, where powerful gongs are played for more than an hour in a group setting. The experience is unforgettable and profoundly moving and can lead to OOBE's (out-of-body experiences).

Modern science talks of an all-pervading Universal Energy Field that connects everything yet this concept has existed under different names since ancient times. One of the goals of Sound Healing is that every moment of our life and every action be in harmony with the Universal Energy Field. Then we experience wholeness, aliveness and a profound sense of well-being and any underlying stress melts away.

"The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe..." Sufi mystic Hazrat Inayat Khan

After many years of practice in Iffley, Oxford and London, I now have a new, beautiful practice studio located in Morrell Avenue on leafy South Park in East Oxford, OX4. It is within easy reach of Central Oxford, Headington , Oxford Brookes, Cowley Road and Iffley. There are bus stops close by and off-street parking in front of the studio. Treatment is usually given lying down but can be given in a seated or reclined position if necessary.

.....I look forward to welcoming you here......

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