Avalon De CosmeSound Healing & Past Life Regression in Oxford

My Path towards Healing with Sound

and Past Life Regression

My name is Avalon de Cosme and I have been working in the field of healing and psychotherapy since the 1980's when I set up my first clinic in Iffley, Oxford after learning the principles of Eastern health approaches from my Japanese husband. I now felt strongly drawn to working in the field of healing.

After training in Iridology and Reflexology, I found myself working with clients using Reflexology and a Sufi approach to healing which involved working with breath, subtle energy and sound. There were many good outcomes for my clients. However, I found that I was increasingly falling into a counselling mode as clients shared their innermost concerns with me and I resolved to train in psychotherapy as well.

Moving to London

I was lucky enough to train in transpersonal psychotherapy at the Centre for Transpersonal Psychology with Barbara Somers and Ian Gordon-Brown. I then continued with MA studies in Transpersonal Child, Adolescent and Family Therapy at the CCPE in London. I also qualified in EMDR (an eye-movement therapy particularly useful in cases of PTSD) for Adults and Children and EFT (an effective meridians tapping technique for both emotional and physical issues).

I also trained in traditional Usui Reiki with the British School of Reiki to Reiki Master level and found this a both gentle and powerful method to help people heal from many physical and emotional conditions.

I opened a clinic in Kensington running parallel practices in healing and psychotherapy where I had both UKCP and Bupa accreditation. On the healing side I worked with Reiki, EFT and Flower Remedies. I saw clients for transpersonal psychotherapy and worked also with EMDR and creative imagination approaches. I also saw children and young adults for Sandplay therapy, which had been part of my training. I loved working with my clients but a time came when I needed to close my London practice and move back to Oxford.

Moving back to Oxford

After a personal experience with the power of sound as a healing modality, I decided to train in this form of therapy. The experience was so deep and far-reaching that I knew I had to bring this to others. A well-structured sound therapy session will bring a client into a deep Theta state which no talking therapy can reach. This is a state where true healing can take place. I also include Reiki whenever appropriate.

My main training in Sound Therapy has been in Integral Sound Healing with the Sound Healing Academy founded by Tony Nec. The Sound Healing Academy has taught me how to use a wide range of sound instruments alongside working with subtle energy. I have also studied with Eileen McCusick of Biofield Tuning and with Sheila Whittaker, the doyenne of gong playing.

Transpersonal Regression Therapy

As I began working with sound, I realised that the ease with which clients enter an hypnotic Theta state while being exposed to instrumental harmonics, offers an effortless setting for working with Regression Therapy. I had already had a profound experience of a past life (or past life impression) when working with Dr. Brian Weiss, the internationally respected expert in Past Lives Therapy.

So it seemed natural to become familiar with Regression Hypnosis through a qualification in BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing). BQH is a development of QHHT, the hypnosis technique developed by the late Dolores Cannon.
I was then able to gain further experience by training with the Past Life Regression Academy so that I can offer this approach either together with sound healing or as a stand-alone therapy.

Gong Baths and Sound Immersions

I also create Sound Immersions or Gong Baths for groups and in the workplace using magnificent gongs alongside other sound instruments such as singing bowls, drums and chimes. These are special occasions that take place in halls, large rooms, yoga studios or business premises and are often organised by a sponsor.

The First in Oxford

My clinic is the first in Oxford to offer individual Sound Therapy along with Past Life Regression sessions. It is a welcoming and comfortable place to visit and I look forward to seeing you here.

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