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Transpersonal Regression Therapy

and Past Life Regression

We are infinite beings and so much greater than our current confined ego or personality.

So what is Past Life Regression therapy? Whether we imagine that we return as a soul to earth many times in order to learn and grow, or instead, come into this dimension but once, bringing in the unfinished remnants of other souls' lives, so that they may be worked on, lives or aspects of lives that have happened in the past history of this earth seem to show themselves in this work.

And somehow, the traumas and difficulties of a past life often seem to be relevant to our current life. So whether we regress through our current life or move swiftly into a past life, what we experience helps us to deal better with our present challenges.

How does it work? All past life regression therapists are trained in hypnosis, in order to be able to take a client down into a light trance. This is done by progressive relaxation and using a script or by encouraging the client to focus on a current feeling or physical issue. The client is always aware, even as they navigate a past life, so there is never a loss of control. Once the past life has been lived through, there is the opportunity to resolve any hurt and anger which arose and for forgiveness to take place.

It is remarkable how often we recognize issues and even similar characters playing the same parts in our current life. This gives us the opportunity to understand our present dilemmas better and resolve them. However some clients prefer to simply experience a past life out of curiosity and leave it there although there will always be aspects to reflect upon.

Inner Child Work

One very powerful way of working with Regression Therapy is called Inner Child Work. Even in happy childhoods we have sometimes experienced babyhood and young child distress and later, loss, hurts and betrayals. We unwittingly carry these psychic bruises along with us into our adulthood where they can affect our relationships and how we deal with life in general. Inner Child work regresses to those times and allows for forgotten wounds to be healed and transformed.

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