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Guiding & Facilitating

After many years of working with clients in a number of healing approaches including psychotherapy, I came to realise that in fact we all heal ourselves, once embarked on that journey. The therapist or healer is in fact a facilitator. This can be shown by the placebo effect, where even serious physical conditions become cured simply by the belief of the patient that they have received an effective medicine or surgical procedure. This is also how hypnosis works, by overriding the conscious mind and encouraging a belief in a desired outcome.

Our thoughts about ourselves come to define who we are, but they do not need to. It is unlikely that we would say such demeaning and unkind things to other people as we inwardly tell ourselves. So what does that say about our appreciation of ourself? These thoughts and blocks can be released. However they came about, they can be encouraged to leave. "Leave now and never come back!" as Gollum says in his own realm of self-hatred.

More and more, teachers are coming forward to explain this process through giving talks and demonstrations and producing books which are easy to access.

Although I had taken a break from traditional psychotherapy in order to focus on other forms of healing, I have now started to offer sessions, in person or online, which I prefer to regard as guiding or facilitating the emergence of the true being (you could say soul) which lies hidden behind the personality. I can also, and like to, suggest practices which enhance this emergence.

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